12kgs-capacity melt tank 
15kgs-capacity melt tank 
20kgs-capacity melt tank 
30kgs-capacity melt tank 
80kgs-capacity melt tank 
150kgs-capacity melt tank 
200kgs-capacity melt tank 

〓〓〓 New Products 〓〓〓

☆HG-8150series is on the market! with all advantages of HG-880 series machines, use 150 kilograms-capacity gradual extra large single (double) melt tank , double layer heating ,can support six routes of hose in maximum and its gun assembly and so on ...
☆HG-880 series is on the market! with all advantages of HG-830 series machines, use 80 kilograms-capacity gradual extra large single (double) melt tank, double layer heating ,with one or two AC frequency conversion motors, one or two big gear pumps, double return valve adjustment...
☆HG-820/830 series brilliantly come into market! with all advantages of HG-815 series machines,use 20or30 kilograms-capacity gradual large single (double) melt tank ,can support four or six routes of hose in maximum and its gun assembly and so on...
☆the third generation manual spray guns of Haoge ceremoniously come into market! finger-dent switch design ,use tailor-made 360°rotary joint to connect, can swing at will particular hang loop design let use very convenient and simple...
☆the fifth generation glue output hose is developed successfully !tailor-made for manual spray gun, adopts American heater strip and high-temperature resistance line , with excellent bending property, folding resistance...



The best and proper price hot melt glue machines—manufactured by Haoge   

Apply to the production of non-woven fabrics ,packing ,assembly,coating and lamination ,automobile,book binding and so on
☆☆☆HG-368 series☆☆☆
◆ Main features of HG-368 series:

<1>,Electronic control system adopts CPU control technique ,program starting, temperature control of each part by independent digit ,with self-checking function ,circuit fault are alarmed by self-checking 

  <2>,Melt tank with Teflon high-temperature double coating processing ,all kinds of gun stand with high-temperature electrophoresis coating ,reduce charring phenomenon in maximum when melting 
  <3>,Each control part is controlled by independent temperature PID ,its difference within ±1 centidegree ,with overtemperature out of control alarm and thermal insulation property
  <4>,Adopts 12 kilograms-capacity big melt tank gradual design ,with “how much need then how much melt” efficacy ,increase thermal efficiency ,reduce energy consumption
  <5>,Double layer gear pump, double-return valve design, can independently adjust each gluing pressure circuit to ensure continuously precise output of different spray gun
  <6>,Each glue output channel use Italian efficient sealing technology ,perfect ,so it certainly has not adhesive leakage
model no HG-368C
HG-368C series ,appearance: length 74×width 36 × heigh 49.5cm3

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